Refract DNS

Your personal DNS.


Refract DNS is your personal DNS service that runs on your local machine.

Go beyond the limitations of the Windows hosts file and use wildcards, regular expressions, CNAMES and more.

Quickly point domains at different IP addresses and blacklist domains to keep yourself safe and your privacy protected.


Refract DNS is designed for IT Professionals:

  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Specialists
  • System Administrators
  • DevOps
  • Frontend

If are working on Windows operating system, you will want Refract DNS.


Take control by creating your own DNS records.


Blacklist untrusted domains or redirect them to another IP.


Monitor and review the DNS requests being made from your computer.


Easily share configuration with your team.

  • Designed for developers, system administrators, network engineers, devops and other IT professionals.
  • Run a simplified DNS server on your local computer.
  • Remove the pain and burden of managing DNS overrides in the Windows host file.
  • Create multiple IPs for a single domain and quickly switch between them.
  • Go beyond simple domain names with wildcard and regex domains.
  • Monitor DNS requests made from your computer.
  • Easily and quickly blacklist untrusted domains.
  • Supports international domain names (no punycode required).
  • Runs on your local machine giving you instant control and access.
  • Share your setting easily with your team by importing and exporting data.

Remove the frustration of the Windows hosts file and take control of your DNS.

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