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Refract DNS has been out for a few months now and we thought it would be good share how our users have been using the tool over a series of blog posts.

First I am going to look at how some of our users have been using Refract DNS to improve their productivity by blocking sites that distract them from their day to day work. I will show you how you can setup your copy of Refract DNS to help you do the same and help you get more out of each day.

Blocking Distractions

In my copy of Refract DNS I have setup a "Productivity" group. This group contains blacklisted domains for all those sites that normally distract me throughout the day:

From within Refract DNS I can then toggle this list on and off throughout the day with a single click when I want to concentrate and not be distracted by the other exciting things happening on the internet:

When turned on I can't access these sites using my web browser because the domain itself can't be resolved. When I try to access one of these sites I see the message:

This reminds me I should be working and that I need to focus!

Using Refract DNS also has another benefit: it also stops applications on my local machine from accessing the domains. This means that the Twitter, Slack and all browser applications that I have installed stop distracting me with notifications.

Setting It Up

The process of setting this up is very straight forward:

  1. In Refract DNS create a new wildcard record for the domain that distracts you. The import part is to check the "Blacklist" checkbox:
  2. Repeat step one for all the domains that distract you.
  3. Create a new group in Refract DNS and add all your distraction domains to this group:
  4. You can now toggle on and off all the domains that distract you with a single button click:

With Refract DNS it is quick and easy to block the domains that distract you from getting the things that you want to do done. I am sure that my short list of domains above will grow over time but already I have found that this is helping get more done in the day.

Mike - February 2019


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