Blog - Release 1.5

Release 1.5 is available today and it has some great new features!

DNS over HTTPs (DoH)

This release now includes DNS over HTTPs (DoH), which we first talked about in our blog post back in February. If you want to find out more about how this works I would recommend reading this blog post.

By default Refract DNS is setup to use Google's and CloudFlare HTTPs DNS services but you can easily configure other services if you wish.

Refract DNS also allows you to configure domains to not be handled over HTTPs, for example maybe internal corporate domains should be passed to an internal UDP DNS server rather than a HTTPs DNS server.

Using DNS over HTTPs will help to protect your privacy on the internet.

Automatic Upstream DNS Server Detection

In early releases of Refract DNS, you had to specify which upstream DNS servers Refract DNS would use to handle DNS requests. By default Refract DNS would use Google's public IP addresses. This was a little clunky and based on user feedback we have changed this feature.

In the settings menu (and by default), Refract DNS will automatically detect the upstream DNS server being used by your network adapter. If you change networks, for example you move from your office to a coffee shop, Refract DNS will automatically determine the DNS server to use on the new network.

Of course you can still override this if you wish and define specific DNS servers to use.

Record Filters

As the number of records you add to Refract DNS grows you need ways to easily filter the records you have configured so that it is easier to find and locate them.

We have introduced a set of filter buttons above the records lists which allows you to quickly filter your records on the following:

  • Enabled Records
  • Disabled Records
  • Blacklisted Records

Lets Us Know

What do you think of this latest release? We want to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Mike - June 2019


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