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The Request Log allows you to see a list of the DNS requests that have been made to the Refract DNS Windows Service. It provides information on the number of times a DNS request was made for a specific domain as well as how any times Refract DNS returned a value.

The Request Log is stored in memory by the Refract DNS Windows Service. If the server is restarted then the Request Log is reset.

The Log

When the user opens the Request Log it will open in a separate window to the main application. This allows the user to reference the log when creating new records or disabling and enabling other records.

The Request Log contains the following columns

  • Domain - the name of the domain requested.
  • Type - the type of record requested.
  • Count - the number of times the request was made.
  • Refracted - the number of types the Refract DNS Server responded to the request using a configured record. Request that are not Refracted were proxied to an upstream DNS server.
  • Blacklisted - indicates that the domain has been blacklisted and a blacklisted IP has been returned.

The Request Log can be filtered by using the Search box and the log can be freshed manually using the Refresh button next to the Search box. The Request Log is automatically refreshed every 20 seconds.

The button to the left of each domain name allows the user to copy the domain name to their clipboard.

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