Download - Release Notes - 1.3.1

26 November 2018


This release contains several minor bug fixes identified by users.

  • Increased the size of the messages that can be sent between the Refract DNS Manager and the Refract DNS Service.
  • Network interfaces will only be overridden once the user has comopleted the setup process and not after installation.
  • If a user's license is invalid Refract DNS will detach from the network interfaces.
  • After completing the settings screen, Refract DNS will try to communicate with all Upsteam DNS servers. If a server cannot be contacted a warning message will be displayed. The user can ignore this message and continue.
  • If either UDP port 53 or TCP port 53 are in use by another application then Refract DNS will not enable. A message will be presented to the user to inform them of the issue.

Remove the frustration of the Windows hosts file and take control of your DNS.

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