Refract DNS is a personal DNS designed for IT professionals who don't want to waste time editing the Windows host file. Instead of you having to hunt through the host file to find the correct entry to enable or disable you can use a simple UI to quickly turn on and off single or multiple records.

Refract DNS also goes beyond just the simple features of the Windows host file by allowing for the creation of wildcard, regular expressions and CNAME records.

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Go beyond the Host file

Go beyond the limitations of the Windows hosts file by making use of wildcard, CName and regular expressions.

Refract DNS allows you to stop managing large numbers of domains and IPs in a hard to read text file. Instead, replace this with an easily managed list of domains that can be searched and filtered.

Turn on and off individual records with a single click. Refract DNS will automatically ensure that you don't have two records enabled for the same domain.

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Easily find your DNS entries

Quickly find entries by searching through all your records by domain name, friendly name, description and IP address.

With a single click, filter the list to only show records that are enabled, making it easy to find and turn off active records.

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Easily find records using Search or filtering on enabled records.
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Monitor DNS Requests

Monitor the domain requests being made from your computer, see how often they are requested and if Refract DNS is managing the domain or blacklisting it.

Use the search mechanisms to quickly find the domains that interest you.

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Create Groups of records

Groups allow you to link related records. You can then turn on and off multiple records with a single click.

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Group records together to make it easier to enable and disable them.
Blacklist domains individually or in bulk.

Take Control and Be Safe

Keep yourself safe by individually or in bulk blacklisting domains.

Refract DNS allows you to use many of the popular publically available domain blacklists to block requests to domains.

Blacklisting can be easily turned on and off with a single button giving you control over when domains are blacklisted.

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International Domain Names

Refract DNS supports international domain names (IDN) allowing you to work in your preferred language without converting to punycode domain names.

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International Domain Name Support

Remove the frustration of the Windows hosts file and take control of your DNS.

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