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Most large scale web server setups will require a load balancer that sends requests to multiple servers. This allows a web site or other service to handle a large amount of traffic via single IP.

For example for the domain www.refractdns.com resolves to the IP which itself might be a load balancer. Behind this load balancer there are 3 servers that handle requests for this domain with the following internal IPs:

  • Server 1 -
  • Server 2 -
  • Server 3 -

All public traffic to the website will first go to the load balancer which will then direct the traffic to the appropriate server.

From time to time staff members who are responsible for maintain the servers will want to navigate directly to a server using the domain www.refractdns.com without going via the load balancer. Typically this is done to diagnose a problem or to preform testing against a specific server.

Refract DNS allows you to easily setup a DNS Record with multiple IPs address that can be easily enabled and disabled. This removes the need for the user to edit and play around with their Host file when trying to perform this task.

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to assign multiple IP addresses to a single DNS record. We will then show how you can quickly enable and disable DNS records so that you can easily switch between different servers.

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Remove the frustration of the Windows hosts file and take control of your DNS.

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