Tutorials - Creating a Wildcard Record

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This tutorial will show you how to create an A Record that uses a wildcard. Wildcard domains allow you to match multiple domains by matching the end of the domain with there requested DNS query. For example a user might have the following domains:

  • www.refractdns.com
  • purchase.refractdns.com
  • training.refractdns.com

Using single DNS record these three domains can be pointed at a single IP.

In this tutorial we will point all domains that end with *.local at the IP address This is typical task that a web developer might perform to allow them to run a website locally. The web developer can then run multiple website locally and only requires a single entry to be added. For example the following domains will be directed to

  • www.refractdns.local
  • www.refractdns.local
  • test.local

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